About Save My Stuff


Meet Patrick

My name is Patrick and I work for a large cloud services provider in the Northern Virginia area. My job is pretty exciting because cloud computing is growing at an exponential rate!  If you are looking for a new career, look into the field of networking, storage, Linux administration or data center infrastructure paths and I can promise you will have a promising and rewarding career.

In my job  I get to work with a lot of varying technologies and I have a very intimate view of how cloud computing comes together on the infrastructure side.  It's very satisfying that I am a part of helping companies build these online services from the ground up.  However, in my spare time I really enjoy helping people learn more about how to protect their data and save money.  

Save my stuff mission

I created Save My Stuff as a venue to discuss topics like cloud backup, web security and personal finance because I am truly passionate for helping people protect themselves and prosper more in life.

Over time, I have noticed that many people do not practice very good management with their data and finances.  I think people might have an idea of what they need to do with their data or money but often become confused and give up and not form good habits.  If you have bad data management habits and you don't backup your important data, you risk loss of time, memories and even money.  I think personal finance suffers the same consequences.  If you do not have good money management habits where you save what you work so hard for, you risk not having money for an emergency or retirement.

I'm a true believer that if you take small incremental steps to practice good habits with your data and your money, you can really go a long ways in having a more secure and prosperous life.  I don't like seeing people lose things that they have worked countless hours on or not have any money left when they get closer to retirement.  So if I can do something to help people in those areas, I think this can be pretty satisfying and very rewarding.

The most important goal of this site is to provide meaningful and interesting information that give people a sense of self-confidence and empowerment.  I want to help point people in a better direction of how to protect their data or handle their money that will help them become more secure.  Having technical and financial security helps provide a sense of well-being and confidence.  I believe that have varied topics such as this can achieve that goal.